What Was The Best Part of Your Day?

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Even Happier QuestThe June task in the Happiness Project is to make time for friends. We’re all busy and don’t always have time to catch up over lunch or coffee a lot of times. Friendships sometimes fall by the wayside even though we don’t mean for them to. Life gets in the way.

I decided to get creative with this task. I started posting the question above to Twitter and Facebook each evening. What was the best part of your day? I just posted it. I didn’t say why or anything else about it. It was a simple question that let me ask about the day that my friends had.

The answers I got ranged from surprising their daughter with a trip for ice cream after school to a cousin’s wedding to getting a magazine published on the iPad. I was excited at the number of people who participated and answered the question. All of the answers made me smile.

I also got the chance to think about the best part of my own day and I hope it made my friends think about theirs when they might not have otherwise. Even if they didn’t post a response, I imagine that they at least paused to think about their answer. Maybe it made them smile too. If you can call a friend tonight and ask them this question and keep in touch, that’s ideal but even if you just do it online it will bring a smile to your face. I promise!

The best part of my day was a friend returning to work after a leave of absence. It was great to work with him again and I missed him while he was gone. 🙂

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