An Accident Turned Into A Successful Surprise

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Lately I’ve been obsessed with sweet potatoes. I’ve always loved them, but every now and then I really get on a kick and eat them quite a bit. They can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. I mash them with almond milk and vanilla protein powder. I bake and top them with Greek yogurt. Have you tried them with BBQ sauce?

In wild moments, I even smear them with peanut butter… chunky peanut butter of course. Creamy peanut butter does not exist for me. OK, maybe it exists but only in desperate moments. Chunky is the way to go in my opinion. I’ve messed around with sweet potato faux fries before. Basically you slice into fry shapes and bake/broil into faux fries. Perfectly tasty but it does heat up your house in the summer.

I’ve got a better variation for you. I discovered the recipe I’m about to share by accident. Doesn’t every quest begin by accident? 😉 I was in a hurry and I chopped a sweet potato into small cubes before microwaving to make the cooking process go faster. When I’m hungry, I’m hungry and in no mood to wait. Unfortunately when I’m hungry, I also have no attention span.

So having the brain processes of a gnat, I set the microwave to 5 minutes out of habit and left the tater cubes to their nuclear exposure. I came back to crispy, sad little cubes. Side note: I ate them any way. Please reference the “when I’m hungry, I’m hungry” comment. No way am I wasting perfectly good food.

As I was crunching, it hit me. Sweet potato chips were entirely possible here. No oil or anything, sweet potato chips. Suddenly I realized the brilliance at hand and got to work. You can peel your sweet potato first if you like. I didn’t. You can also give this a try with regular potatoes and similar veggies like turnips.

sweet potato chipsSweet Potato Chips

  • 1 or more sweet potatoes
  • Salt and/or spices, to taste

Wash and slice a sweet potato into thin slices. I sliced by hand with a very sharp knife. You can also use a food processor or mandolin if you like. My slices were approximately 1/8 inch thick and I didn’t have to dirty anything else in the process. Lazy route for the win!

Lay the slices in a single layer on a large piece of wax paper or parchment paper. Sprinkle with salt, sea salt or other spices of choice. Place the tater paper into the microwave and start with 4 minutes. Check them for crispness and cook for 30 seconds more at a time until crispy chips are formed.

I have an ancient microwave made in 1996 and my chips took about 6 minutes total. Depending on the strength and age of your microwave, yours may take a bit less or more time. Play with it to see what works in yours. The nutritional data for this recipe is simply that of a plain ole sweet potato. How cool is that?!

They had cute little ruffly edges and crunched when I ate them just like the real thing. I dipped mine in ketchup, but splashed with vinegar and more sea salt would be good too. How do you like your sweet potatoes? Ever start something and have an accident end up a success?

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