Come What May – The Biggest Adventure Yet

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Happy May, everyone! I often talk all the time on here about my adventures with The Kid and the crazy things we’re up to as well as post recipes. It’s not often that I post something emotional but today is a perfect occasion. You’d never know it to have a conversation with me now, but I was incredibly shy growing up.

I come from a very long line of rule followers. We make pro and con lists, and always err on the side of caution. I grew up studying hard and being the bookworm, but I was the non-coordinated one who dreaded gym class with a passion. Twice a year I was forced to face public embarrassment when we had to do the Presidential Physical Fitness Test. Gawd, I failed most of the tests every time.

I wasn’t until I started working with a trainer a few years ago that it all changed. No lie, it took me 40 years. FOUR-ty years to pick up a weight and find out the power of health. A power that goes way beyond what’s seen in the mirror. I faced those weights head on and something strange started happening. The weights started getting heavier and heavier as well as seeming more impossible. There were times when I thought for sure I’d never be able to press it or lift it.

Usually I’d end up surprising myself by doing it. Even in those times when I couldn’t quite get there, I didn’t give up and I kept at it until I finally managed. The feeling of reaching a goal is exhilarating and empowering. Gradually my thinking started to change outside the gym too. When faced with new adventures and challenges in life, I no longer doubted myself but began giving things a try. It didn’t matter if I wasn’t sure it was possible, failure wasn’t the end of the world anymore.

Life became something to live to the fullest instead of something to plan out every step of the way:

Prom DressA few weeks ago, The Kid and I were shopping to get her a dress for Band Banquet. Banquet is like prom for the kids in band so you need a fancy dress. While she was picking out dresses to try on, I saw one that was gorgeous with tulle, sparkles, and ombre shading! Aside from my wedding dress, I’ve never ever worn a fancy dress like that before. I didn’t go to prom and I’ve never attended a gala. I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt. I sheepishly asked The Kid if I could try it on with her.

I was grumbling to myself about how silly I would look in a teenage dress as I pulled it on and suddenly I saw myself. I looked like a flower princess! It was silly. It was not age appropriate. I never would wear that dress in public. The feeling of being in the moment and in that dress was pure joy and none of the shouldn’ts mattered. (Yes, I snapped a shameless selfie but the look on our faces says it all.)

Today marks the beginning of one of my biggest quests ever. I have officially left corporate life behind and am now a full time coach in training and nutrition. I, the ever reasonable planner, have now taken the leap of a lifetime and am working with clients to help them realize just how incredible their changes can be and help them discover new strengths.

I hate using the word client as I feel like they are all friends, and I love that I get to celebrate health and fitness victories along with hearing about their own adventures in life. Who would have guessed that picking up a weight could hold such power. Definitely not me.

Not only has fitness given me health, a job I could only dream of, and a passion for life that goes far beyond words, it is now giving me the best gift of all. Freedom to spend the last years with The Kid before she leaves for college. I couldn’t ask for a better beginning for the rest of my life. I’m truly living my dream.

This was never in the plan, but life isn’t about following rules. It’s about living insane, feeling free, and aiming for epic. Even when the road is rocky and you think you can’t do it, keep moving forward because you never know when you just might stumble across something unbelievable… and when faced with the choice, ALWAYS put on the flower princess dress and dance!!!! . 🙂


  1. Way to go!!

  2. Wow – good for you and best of luck!!!

    • Adrianne says

      Thanks, Kim! It’s been incredible so far with the chance to virtually meet clients all over. Minnesota, California, and even all the way in Denmark. I’m learning something from all of them and love that aspect of this opportunity.

  3. Amy Hemphill says

    I’m so inspired by your words and actions! Keep writing A! You took the road less traveled and what an adventure you are having! Thank you for sharing!

    • Adrianne says

      OMG, Amy! Do you remember those hideous fitness tests?! ROFL. I couldn’t wait until I no longer had to take gym class in high school. If you’d have told me this story back then, I’d have laughed at you. Thanks for stopping by and reading, and for your words of encouragement. Here’s to the best years of our lives! <3

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