I’ve Loved You For a Thousand Years and Now a Thousand More

Last night I won the Mom of the Year Award… or at least the Quest Household version of it. The Kid has begged for a while to see the midnight showing on opening night of one of the Twilight movies. Last year we couldn’t go because I was having surgery the next day and I’ve […]

Old Man Winter Is Just Around The Corner Behind The Winds

Today was that stormy windy day that we always get when Fall decides that it is ready to stay for a while. It’s that day when every single one of the trees in the neighborhood lose every one of their leaves. Right into my backyard. Ironic since I actually don’t have any trees at all […]

Scenes From A Busy Week – Time To Catch Up

The Kid and I have been extra busy this weekend with all kinds of her must dos and fun to dos. I’m sitting here now trying not to look in Halloween horror at my to do list, so I decided to visit the Land of Denial and blog instead. Hold on while I get my […]

Is Your Brain Balanced? Using One Side More Than The Other

Right brain vs left brain. Since I’m such an analytical, black/white left brained type person, it’s hard for me to be creative. So in the interest of breaking out of my half-brained mold, I’ve been trying different types of creativity this year to work the other side of my brain. Painting, pottery making, and the […]

Accountability Keeps You Accomplishing Goals

We all know that it’s important to set goals and to follow through on those goals. That’s the part where we usually fall short. We make big plans and then the follow through starts out strong and fades out, or sometimes the follow through never gets started. How do you hold yourself accountable? Studies show that […]