A Week Of Accomplishments In Review

Merry Christmas everyone! Today is going to be filled with one of my favorite things to do – cooking. I’ve got all kinds of healthy yummies planned for The Kid and my parents. I’ll be in the kitchen most of the day having a great time. Imagine how good my house will smell. It’s been […]

Instead Of One Big Day, We Have Eight Crazy Nights

I’ve had that Adam Sandler song going through my head all week since it was Chanukah. Eight ka-raaaaaay-zee nights! Remember that one? Now it’s Christmas weekend. There was a whirlwind of activity at the Quest Household yesterday, but we got it all done and ended up with a ka-raaaaaay-zee Christmas cookie. It was leg and […]

Another Year Done With More Awesomeness And Adventure

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me! Woohoo, I’ve made it through another year and it’s been an awesome one for me as you know from reading here. I think the years just keep getting better and better. I can only imagine the amazingness that my 50s will have in store for me if […]

Cake, Cake and More Cake!

Last night was a rare occurence. I had cake. Great googly moogly, it was good cake too and totally worth it. Worth it even knowing full well that there is no way I’m hitting 13% on Monday. Nope, no way at all. I’m sure of it. 😉 The Kid and I were invited to a birthday […]

Birthday Dinner With The Ritzy

I apologize that I’m running behind on my updates, but my mom is in town for the next few days and I am grabbing moments when I get them. We picked her up yesterday to begin the big birthday festivities for The Kid who turned 11. I got to use my toll tag for the […]