Week 3 of Project Bad A$$ Starts With A Plan

Yesterday marked the beginning of week 3 of Project Bad A$$ and the day I get my weight, measurements and body fat done by my trainer. Last week was an off week for me. I had to skip bootcamp on one of the nights, and then on another day the instructor cancelled class. A few […]

Bootcamp With Bricks on My Feet

I’ve been really disorganized this week for some reason, or at least more than usual. I was getting ready for bootcamp the other night and was thinking to myself that I needed to run to the laundry room and get my fins. Between the thought and the actual getting of the fins I managed to […]

Not All Buttercreams Are Created Equal

Saturdays are my usual leg day and it just so happened that the bootcamp I signed up for this month also meets Saturday mornings. Lucky me to get to experience two intense workouts back to back. I wasn’t quite sure that I could manage this, but I told myself it’s only for 4 weeks. Just […]