Possible Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight – My Real World Example

Back in my pre-AFQ days, I always wondered why I couldn’t lose weight. I mean there were weeks that I did lose, but there were more weeks that I didn’t. Gah, frustrating! I truly had no idea why. If you’d asked me what I was eating, I would have said that I ate really well […]

Cheater, cheater. Pumpkin eater!

Does anyone else remember that taunt or am I the only ancient one in the bunch? Hopefully later generations were more creative with their evil rhymes. People mistakenly assume that going on a diet or even just eating healthy involves never eating anything bad for you or yummy ever again. This couldn’t be further from […]

Surprising Fact About Non-Stick Sprays

Thankfully the week is winding down and sliding into the weekend. My calories gradually head south during the week, so by Fridays I’m feeling quite like Cookie Monster when I look at my meals and snacks. I only need to get through today and then I get a free day tomorrow. I sometimes stress over […]

If You’re Going To Fight, Hopefully It’s A Cupcake War!

I was off yesterday and was surfing around video on demand when I happened across the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. How on earth have I managed to have missed this gem until now?! If there is one edible thing in the entire world that I love, it’s cupcakes. I admit it. I could eat cupcakes with […]

A Record Breaking Saturday Followed By The Taste Of Victory

Woo doggie. This week got rough on the eating front. My calories dropped big time the last couple days, and it was all I could do last night to not shred the bread basket at dinner like the Tazmanian Devil. I sucked it up though by counting on today’s food festivities. I set my mind […]