When Given A Choice, Choose The Cupcake!

I love cupcakes! No, seriously. If I was in a bakery and could choose from a slice of cake and a cupcake, the cupcake always wins. There’s just something about them. Clearly I’m one of those people that the cupcake marketers capitalize on. Dang, that’s embarrassing. Oh well. 😉 Since I finished up the Whole30 on […]

A Place Besides Boxing Where Fights Are Legal

Buh duh duh duh. That’s the sound of my drum roll! I have finally crossed something off my bucket list. The Kid and I had a Groupon for a Texas Brahmas hockey game and we used it yesterday evening. Yes, we had never been to a hockey game of any kind. I wasn’t sure what to expect but […]

Did You Earn A Treat For The Holidays?

Remember when they first started coming out with the fat free version of cookies? Ha, I ate an entire box of those fudgy, devil’s food Snack Wells one day because fat free must be good for me! This was a few years back and not recently, but a lot of my friends and co-workers have […]

Bananas About The New Garage Gym

It took about two hours but I managed to get the bench and squat rack put together without tons of effort. It took that long because I wanted to make sure that everything was tightened properly and according to the instructions. This is one thing that you definitely don’t want coming apart on you. The […]

When You Don’t Have A Toy, Improvise

Last night I was reading a magazine and I heard a noise from the living room that was clearly the sound of someone furry getting into something that he shouldn’t. After investigating, I found that Thing Two had pulled an ornament off the tree and decided to play ball with it. I returned the ornament […]