When You Don’t Have A Toy, Improvise

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Christmas OrnamentsLast night I was reading a magazine and I heard a noise from the living room that was clearly the sound of someone furry getting into something that he shouldn’t. After investigating, I found that Thing Two had pulled an ornament off the tree and decided to play ball with it. I returned the ornament to a branch, went to sit back down and heard the same noise… again.

I recalled last year that we ended up with only the top two-thirds of our tree decorated and the bottom third bare for this exact reason. Apparently Thing Two is too lazy or uncoordinated to stand on two legs to obtain playthings higher up. It’s funny how we do the same things over and over out of habit even though they don’t necessarily work for the situation.

Take snacking. If I have snacks like cookies, chocolate bars or other yummy things in the house, I eat them. I tell myself I won’t and I’ll be strong. And I am for the most part, as long as the box or the container isn’t opened. Once the seal is cracked, I tell myself I’ll just have one or a square. Then I have another and another. Soon the whole thing is gone.

Why do I do this even though I know what the results are going to be? Lately I’ve just not kept the stuff in the house. The ole put-it-in-the-freezer trick doesn’t work either for me by the way unless I never open the freezer.

The end result of not having them in the house is no more mindless snacking. I’ve decided I’m not going to beat myself up about it and keep attempting to change me. I’m just going to change the situation.

If I want a treat, I’ll go out and get a cookie from a bakery. Just one for there and none to go. It’s amazing how much laziness and cold weather plays into how badly I want a treat. Hmmm, drive to the bakery in the cold dark evening for a cookie? Nah.

Do you find yourself snacking if there is stuff in the house? Or are you strong enough to resist? Finally, does your dog undecorate your tree?

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