We Will See If Diet Is Key (I Love A Rhyme)

Since I’m not allowed to lift heavy things or jump around with aerobic/HIIT excitement for another couple weeks, most of my posts for a bit are going to be eating-based. Get your mind back on track, I didn’t say stuffing my face-based. I’ll admit though that does sound better since it rhymes. Everyone loves a rhyme. […]

Cookie Eating With No Clean Up Needed

Do you like cookies? I like cookies, just about any kind of cookies except if they have nuts in them. Why do people ruin a perfectly good cookie by putting nuts in them? Same with ice cream sundaes. Keep your nuts to yourself, please. I’ve been reading my cooking magazines lately and since the holidays […]

Rolling With The Good Times On Sunday

Yesterday I ate a ton of kale chips and I tried to convince The Kid how yummy they were. She wouldn’t touch them. She said she hates veggies. She doesn’t. She said she hates kale. She’s never eaten kale. No amount of convincing made her try them. I left them in their container on the counter […]

Pumpkins and Tatas Go Together, Really!

Happy Halloween! We finally got around to carving our pumpkin last night. The secret is definitely to get a big pumpkin. There’s less goo inside, more seeds, and the cutting itself is so much easier than trying this with a small one. I have to remember this next year. This weekend was a flurry of […]

Pumpkin Pancakes Aren’t Spooky At All

The past few days there’s been something wrong. I just couldn’t figure out what. Trainer Man wanted me to do a test and drop my fat while upping the carbs to see if my muscles got more definition. Sooooo, silly me, I thought I knew what I was doing. I got out an old eating […]