Healthy Fourth of July Recipes

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Cucumber Watermelon SaladThis week is going to involve celebrations, family outings, vacations, and other events for many of us. You can tell yourself that you will eat only healthy choices the entire weekend but the reality is that most of us don’t have that kind of willpower. Also I really don’t think we should have that kind of thinking. We shouldn’t have to give up things we enjoy (even food) because that’s part of the fun in life.

My suggestion to you is to PLAN to eat something you really want like dessert, a burger, beer, or any one of your favorites. You don’t have to eat everything yummy that’s there, but planning a few treats and working them into your eating plan is a perfect way to do things. For example, have half a burger and a part of a dessert that you love or maybe grilled chicken and a bigger dessert, and work your other meals that day around this.

Baked Vegan Corn DogsDo this without guilt, stay in control, and enjoy every bite. To ensure that you have a healthy option to go with your festive indulgence, you can always bring a dish of your own. Eat part of your dish and share with others, and have part of something else on the menu. You never know, the dish you bring just might be the hit of the party.

Events come up all the time and it’s a much healthier outlook to plan and take part in them than to wing it or sit on the sidelines and end up with regret. I’m planning a hot dog and homemade dairy free ice cream with The Kid, and we’ll watch the fireworks on the lawn afterwards. If you’re looking for a recipe for this weekend, here are a few of my picnic and BBQ friendly favorites from the past:

Enjoy the holiday and the fun it brings in life! 🙂

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