Does Your Exercise Have A Function?

As part of my journey back to the stage, I’m trying to expand my fitness horizons. I briefly had a Crossfit adventure towards the end of last year along with some other experiments. One thing I learned from Crossfit is the importance of functional exercises in addition to your usual cardio and weight lifting. Each […]

If There’s No WOD Named After You, Create Your Own

I saw this posted on Twitter yesterday and found it also on numerous Crossfit sites. It’s the perfect representation of the Paleo Diet for those who still have questions about what you can eat if you are paleo. Pretty much takes all the guess work out of it. This version was found on the Crossfit Ktown facebook page. They’re located […]

No Resolutions, Just A New Phase For A New Me

For a couple months I’ve had issues with motivation off and on. I love my time spent with Trainer Man and trying new workouts like Crossfit and yoga, but I’ve written about trying to get my mojo back and have been working hard to find it. It’s not an every day thing, but it’s been frustrating […]

I Love Getting Presents, How About You?

Did Christmas come early to the Quest household? It just may have if you ask me! Last night I checked in with Trainer Man for my weekly weigh in, measurements, and workout. My eating was great last week and I kept my calorie burn pretty high with yoga and home workouts. My measurements were down […]

Back In The Saddle Again!

Yesterday marked two weeks since my surgery and I decided to give yoga a try since the doctor said I could get back to activities. I voted yoga since it is more stretching and holding than lifting heavy things or jumping around and breathing hard. It just seemed to be a logical choice for easing […]