A New Kid On The Block

This has been one of the most exciting weekends we’ve had in a long time at the Quest Household! We’ve got a new addition to our family. With the passing of Thing One in December, Thing Two has been missing a friend. I contacted the local rescue group and we met a few possibilities but none […]

When You Don’t Have A Toy, Improvise

Last night I was reading a magazine and I heard a noise from the living room that was clearly the sound of someone furry getting into something that he shouldn’t. After investigating, I found that Thing Two had pulled an ornament off the tree and decided to play ball with it. I returned the ornament […]

Even Dogs Can Have Insomnia

It’s early here. Very early. 6:10 am to be exact and I’ve been up for quite a while. Since it’s been so hot this summer, Thing Two’s walks have been cut in half distance-wise and also haven’t happened as often timewise. I rolled over around 4:30 this morning to face two eyeballs staring at me […]

Testing, Testing

Isn’t technology amazing! I’m giving my new Word Press app a try and jumping feet first into blogging by phone. As a special treat to mark the occasion, I’m giving you your first look at Thing Two. He’s being lazy today. It is the weekend afterall.

Victory at Last!

For the past couple years, there has been an ongoing battle in my backyard between Thing Two and a stray opossum. An opossum in my mind is just an over grown rat the size of a large house cat, but much uglier. A couple of years ago, there was a huge commotion in the backyard […]