Did You Earn A Treat For The Holidays?

Remember when they first started coming out with the fat free version of cookies? Ha, I ate an entire box of those fudgy, devil’s food Snack Wells one day because fat free must be good for me! This was a few years back and not recently, but a lot of my friends and co-workers have […]

Turning Points, Gratitude and Giving Thanks

Welcome to week 9 of the ab progress pictures. I survived Halloween week and managed to drop some body fat in the process. Not bad if I do say so myself albeit more than a tad surprising. Hopefully in the next week and a half I can drop just a bit more. Goal day is […]

I’ll Be Rocking and Rolling Before You Know It

I’ve turned the fitness quest up a few notches the past month in honor of Project Bad A$$. As a result, my poor body has been aching in places that I didn’t know could ache. I’ve been as stiff as an old creaky gate preparing for a good Halloween scare. When I stand up, I sound […]

A Quick And Easy Recipe Compilation

It’s time again for another great post as part of Fitness Blog World. This one is particularly exciting for me since we were asked to post our favorite healthy recipe that uses five ingredients or less. So with me being full of recipes that are fast and easy, the hard part was actually narrowing it […]

When Life Gets Tough Get Creative

I’m excited that it’s time again for a post as part of Fitness Blog World. This time the question is: How do you maintain your fitness and healthy lifestyle through adversity? When “life happens”, how do you keep going and stay committed to your goals? I think this is a great question since many of […]