How Many Times Have You Failed At A Diet Or Workout Program?

I can’t stick to any workout or diet program. I’ve tried them all and I do great for a few days and then totally fall apart. I’ve said those words many a time. Gah, I tried all kinds of programs from 90 day DVDs that you do in your own living room to Paleo to low […]

Four Ways To Enjoy Vacation And Not Undo Progress

Summer is time for vacations, road trips, and fun stuff with the family. It’s also a time when people begin diets with the intention of looking good for vacation, and then fall apart and undo everything while away. The plan doesn’t always start out that way either, but often the mindset changes and becomes “Well, […]

Great Ways to Fit Fitness Into Your Life Without Breaking a Sweat

With the rapidly changing healthcare marketplace, we are increasingly focused on improving our health. There are incentives to doing so from looking better in our clothes, health insurance premium discounts, to just feeling better overall and more confident. When I worked at my corporate job, they had wellness fairs at open enrollment and you were […]

Age Is Only A Number So Ignore It

Today is my birthday. It’s actually not just any birthday, but in my mind it’s a milestone birthday – 45. Forty FIVE! That doesn’t seem possible in my mind. I sure don’t feel that old. In honor of being old, I wanted to take a moment to remind you that it’s never too late to […]

7 Tips To Get That Workout Done

Between work life, home life, and everything in between there never seems to be enough hours in the 24 hours we’ve got each day. At least not if we also expect a little sleep in there too. We do what we’re supposed to do and prioritize the list. Whether you work at a place or […]