The Day I Decided To Never Workout Again

Have I ever told you about the time when I decided I was done with lifting weights, doing cardio and counting calories? I don’t think I have. Believe it or not, my quest hasn’t been a straight-line, map-following adventure. Quite far from it actually. Cliff notes on the beginning: When I first started lifting, I […]

Sometimes Success Means Moving Up To The Big Weights

MP is an online training and nutrition client located in Minnesota that first contacted me because she was interested in getting back in shape. She wanted to be “strong and fit” to quote her, but she didn’t have a gym membership and needed home workouts. I created her nutrition program based on her goal to lose […]

Structure And Hard Work Ends In New Found Knowledge And Great Quads

When Darren first contacted me about my online training and nutrition program, I was excited for the opportunity to work with an experienced male lifter. His wife was a long term client of mine and he had seen the stellar results that she had, and he was interested in taking his training to the next […]

You Don’t Know Squat…

Did you know that one of the best exercises to transform your lower body is the squat? I hate squats but I need to build lower body strength and add more muscle to my backside. Because of my hatred, I google every now and then hoping that research has come up with some new non-squat […]

Are You A Rule Follower?

Have you been working on your multitasking? As in, you are trying to not multitask? I think I’ve gotten a bit better this week. I’ve had to put a conscious effort into it because I still tend to go into auto-pilot and do this and that. There is definite improvement though and I’ve honestly been […]