Passion And Happiness To Wrap Up 2012

Today marks the final day of the year long Even Happier  Quest. This is probably one of the best things I’ve undertaken in a long time and I’ve learned a lot along the way about myself and what truly makes me happy. It’s funny how something like this can make you learn more about yourself. Since tomorrow […]

A Reminder To Show More Love And Live Life To The Fullest

Today is my usual day for tackling something in my year long Happiness Project. December is the month where I’m going back and focusing on the happiness tasks that really stood out for me. February began as an interesting month with the idea to Remember Love. At first, I assumed that it wouldn’t apply to me […]

Imperfect Traditions Are Just Fine With Me

The holidays are a time of tradition for most families. Traditions are definitely important to me and I have quite a few that I fondly remember from growing up. I have tons of memories where the whole extended family got together for holidays and celebrations, but some of the ones that really stand out in […]

Can You Give Something Up And Be Happier?

December brings the last month in the Happiness Project. I can’t believe that it’s been almost a year already but I’ve had a wonderful time trying out different ideas. I was excited this weekend when I sat down to read what was in store for December to wrap things up. Instead of adding something new […]

I Hereby Dub You “Queen (or King) of Denial”

The Kid and I enjoyed a wonderful week off and we got a ton of fun stuff accomplished along with a bunch of laying around doing nothing. That’s the best kind of week off. Now that we are back to reality, I’m very glad to be faced with another task for the Happiness Project. Today […]