Live A Little, Come On! It Won’t Kill You!

Picture this. You’ve decided to eat healthy and found a workout that you love. You’re losing weight, getting in shape and feeling great! Suddenly you start getting complaints from those around you. Sometimes it’s strangers making comments, but in my experience most often it’s from those close to us like friends, family and co-workers. Yes, […]

Simple Rules For Life

Life often isn’t as complicated as we tend to make it out to be. We get overwhelmed in the details of figuring everything out. It really is as simple as this, but many of us fall short on one or more of these basic needs each day. Our bodies don’t need fancy food and supplements […]

What Are Your Words Of Wisdom?

Is it worse to follow bad advice or to not follow good advice? Most of us are great at giving advice to others but not always so great at following our own advice. Sometimes well meaning family members beat advice into our heads and we feel obligated to follow it. Some of the best decisions […]

What Size Are You?

Do you know what your best size is? You should be a size awesome. If you are, it doesn’t matter what you wear. It’s about the size of your confidence. We’ve all seen that gorgeous person that turns heads. The thing that we don’t notice is that they aren’t always the most beautiful person in […]

Belief Usually Starts With A Leap

I think some of the biggest challenges we face are mental struggles as opposed to actual physical limitations. Self doubt and what ifs get in the way of working towards a goal. When we’re kids, we have no fear. We don’t really stop to think about bad things that may happen. We just leap and […]