What Do You Do When You Can’t To Do?!

The past couple holiday weeks I’ve been a machine at getting my To Do List done. I think it was all the days off for the holidays and shorter work hours that were on my side. It all came to a screeching halt yesterday. No matter what I tackled, I just couldn’t get a single […]

Turkey To Do List

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here in the US that are┬ácelebrating. The Kid and I are looking forward to our traditions of putting up the tree, decorating a gingerbread house, seeing a movie, getting a latte at Starbucks, and eating Thanksgiving dinner together. This year we are building a gingerbread village and not just a house. […]

It’s The Last Dance, Last Chance Tonight!

I need you. By me. Beside me. To guide me… Remember that Donna Summer song? It’s one of my faves to bust a move to. I’ve even been known to stand on a chair in my kitchen with a spatula microphone if it suddenly comes on and belt that sucker out. Now that you’re thanking your […]

A Little Help Please. I Could Use It.

OK, I need your help. Yes, you please. In the blogging universe, there’s a cool thing that I’ve seen. It involves making a list. Not just any kind of list though but a list of things to do before your next birthday. ┬áMy birthday is fast approaching and I thought it would be really really […]

Fall Has Arrived And Sweaters and Scarves Are Out

It was an amazing weekend weatherwise here in Texas! We had a cold front come through on Friday evening and it dropped several degrees in a few hours. It was in the 50s and cloudy all weekend. I love that kind of weather every now and then. The Kid and I wandered around Oktoberfest with […]