Need Help Sleeping Better? There’s An App For That

Are you a morning person or more of a night owl? I guarantee you 100% that I’m not a night owl. I’ve never understood those kinds of people that go out to dinner or dates starting at 8 pm. Gah, I’m winding down with a book or magazine at that point, most likely in my jammies. I’m […]

Once Again Klutch Club Delivers All Kinds Of Goodies

Today was like Christmas came early at the Quest Household! I got home and waiting for me in the mailbox was the latest issue of Clean Eating. Right on the cover is the most delish looking recipe with shrimp and beef tenderloin all rolled into one. I don’t even need to crack open the magazine […]

Maybe I Am Artsy Afterall

Funny story of the weekend – Yesterday was leg day and I planned a finisher of sprints on the treadmill supersetted with glute bridges off the end of the neighboring treadmill. It was kind of busy but I managed to find two treadmills together that were unoccupied. I ran my first sprint then jumped off […]

Getting Unreal With Candy On Halloween

Did you survive the onslaught of candy last night? Everyone talks about Halloween being the challenge, but it’s actually the following days that most of the damage is probably done. At least where I work, everyone brings in all the leftover candy that they don’t want to eat and it gets picked at for days […]

Tea + Cake = Cake Flavored Tea!

I’m known for my coffee addiction but I also enjoy tea from time to time. Sometimes while I’m out I’ll grab a green tea at the coffee shop, or I’ll have a cup of herbal tea before bed to keep me away from the coffee late at night. Meg over at A Dash Of Meg […]