Edamame Cilantro Pesto

Pesto is like the Italian version of Mexican pico di gallo in my mind. Just like with pico, you can change up the flavor of pesto with just a few ingredient modifications. The flavor combinations can be pretty much limitless so there’s probably a flavor that you’ll like. If you haven’t found one yet, maybe […]

Sweet and Salty Bacon Marmalade

The other day I was watching reruns of Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. I love that show since it has really creative ideas and weird food combinations that you wouldn’t think of in every day life. The Kid and I gave up cable so we have to settle for reruns online when we […]

Baked Ham with Blackberry Champagne Glaze

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holiday celebrations at the Quest House. Yes, it’s just me and The Kid but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it up right and have our very own foodfest. Since I love cooking (duh!), I plan the menu well ahead of time. I bounce ideas off The Kid to […]

Grape Tomato Pico Di Gallo

Personally I haven’t gotten tired of grilled chicken breasts even though I’ve eaten an entire Texas-sized flock of them so far. There are hundreds of ways to top them or season them, so I rarely have the same flavor. I will qualify this by saying that I do not bake my chicken or saute them […]

Open Faced Chicken Sammies with Edamame Hummus

I love the kind of recipes where you can buy and/or cook once and eat many times. I always try to do my meal planning with that idea in mind. I hate using just a little bit of this and that and throwing the rest out later. I grill a bunch of chicken breasts all […]