A Huge Effort But I Got It Done

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1K WorkoutI’m posting late this morning, but it’s still officially morning here for another hour. Today is my day. My day to burn 1000 calories, my day to eat, my day to not have to go to work. Yay! I may even work in a nap and a movie.

Since I had to burn 1000 calories, I decided to get up and gitter done instead of lounging and blogging. I also stopped to eat a toasty bagel after my workout. Hence the delay. I’ll admit this to you now. For someone who weighs 140 pounds, it takes a huge effort to burn 1000 calories.

To do it, I have to burn about 10 calories a minute outside of the warm up and water breaks. If I want to get it done in under 2 hours that is. This morning I did 40 minutes of plyometric intervals, followed by 20 minutes of sprint intervals, 35 minutes of jogging, and 10 minutes of jumping jack intervals since I realized I had to step up the effort or miss the 2 hour goal.

February ProgressThere was also quite a bit of self pep talking going on at several points along the way. Do you pep talk to keep yourself going? I think it works for me or at least I pretend it does. It helped that I went jogging outside and it’s really chilly. The cold air hitting my sweaty body made me move along to avoid freezing to death. 😉

I owe you a progress pic since I haven’t posted one on the blog recently. I have been keeping up with them each week on twitter though if you follow me there. My abs are returning and my arms are still showing progress. I’m getting biceps! It’s only taken forever to get biceps.

Other than the bagel I already ate, I haven’t decided what other joyous food I plan to eat today. There’s a take and bake pizza place here where you can build your own pizza and bring it home to bake and eat. I may do that and load it with veggies and olives. I love thin crust with just a little bit of cheese.

Enough rambling for now. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Do something fun for yourself. It seriously is one of the best ideas I’ve ever had and really does add to your happiness.

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