As Easy As Riding a Bike

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me in blue shirt

I can now check my first gym class off the list! Yes, I am an NPC competitor who has never taken a gym class. Actually I’ve never really had a gym membership until last week and this was my first visit. I workout with my trainer in the privacy of his own gym and I workout at my house. I’ve had a gym membership before but pretty much just threw that money out the window since I didn’t go. You see, I’m quite intimidated working out on my own in public.

One of my missions in the next few weeks is to completely eliminate that problem. I must get past it and emerge victorious! I think the main reason for my intimidation is my lack of coordination. If I can trip over it, I will. Even if the thing I’m tripping over is physically attached to me like my foot. Now that I have grace and style walking in heels on a stage, I am convinced I can lift some weights and manage to not make a complete fool of myself even in the male zone. I started slowly by easing into a cycle class. Just like riding a bike, eh? Yeah, I can do this. I can cycle.

I arrived bright and early for the class and skidded over to a bike not quite in the back but not front row either. I did worry for a minute if I was taking someone’s bike. Are they territorial at the gym? No idea, but at least no one outwardly complained. The instructor was very nice and asked if anyone was new and I was the only one who raised my hand. Bonus points for me. She explained how the bike worked and how she was going to call out instructions. Adjust the tension lever up or down, and follow along with what she said. Got it.

We started the ride, adjusting away. Stand up, sit down, repeat, repeat, pedal fast, pedal slow. I began sweating profusely, but figured I could manage to get through the hour long class. About 10 minutes of panting and heart pounding into the class, she called out that she hoped we were all warmed up by that point. Um, warmed up? The workout really started and I admit I did wonder a couple times if I could unclip and get to the door without anyone noticing my sprint of shame. I perservered through and stuck with it. My bright royal blue shirt gradually turned to more of a navy blue color with the heavy sweating I was doing.

I managed to torch just over 550 calories in the class. Not bad considering my daily goal is 500 and I knocked it out before 10:30 am on a Sunday. Skadoosh! I rewarded myself with a quick trip over to the Starbucks for reward iced coffee with one pump of sugar free vanilla syrup. Dang, it was good and refreshing. Thumbs up for cycle class.

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