Beaches Are More Stressful Than The Bedroom?

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As I sat by the pool this weekend, I read that being in a bathing suit at a pool or beach is more stressful to women than being in the bedroom for the first time with someone. Being body conscious in front of one person is much easier to handle than body consciousness in front of many I guess. Plus you can’t really adjust the lighting of the sun to a flattering level like you can indoors. 😉

The women reasoned that they were worried everyone was looking at them and judging their body flaws. I had to wonder briefly if anyone had time to judge when they were too busy worrying about what they looked like and being judged themselves. You can’t be a judge and on the jury at the same time, you know.

Unless it is extremely horrifying/bordering on obscene <insert pic of old lady in a thong here>, I can honestly say I don’t really pay attention to other people’s body flaws. Even then my thoughts are more of “you really shouldn’t be wearing that” than “your body is scary.”

Personally my point of contention is my backside (or lack there of). My feedback from the judges at contest was that I should attempt to lift and tighten up my lower half to improve my scores for next time. Apparently they agreed with my personal assessment of the situation. I’ve been hitting legs and glutes pretty hard in the gym in an effort to fix this. Albeit not for looking good by the pool but that’s an added benefit.

Since muscles need time to rest in order to grow, you can’t hit the weights for the same area several times a week. More is definitely not more in this case. Bodyweight exercises are a good way to hit muscle groups again but not so hard that you risk overtraining.

I’ve been doing one day a week with heavy weights for the legs and glutes then hitting them again a few days later with bodyweight exercises. Always make sure to get in at least 2 – 3 days rest if you double up on a muscle group by alternating weights and bodyweight.

Since the booty is actually several gluteus muscles rolled into one pancake cheek, it’s important to work the muscles from as many angles as possible. This will help both to build a butt and also to lift it a bit (like in my case where the butt actually resides partially in the upper thighs).

The combination of lunges and squats combined with rope jumping in my Booty Builder workout works the backside and keeps the heart rate up for a cardio boost to burn some fat.

Booty Builder


  • Alternating sides on the lunges works on core strength and balance. To make it easier, do all of the lunges on one side before moving to the other leg.
  • For a full workout, I do 5 rounds. If you’re short on time or a beginner, do fewer rounds. You can also break it up and do a round here or there throughout the day.
  • Jump rope with an invisible rope if you don’t have a real rope to use. This is also great for those of us who continuously trip over a real rope. Yeah, that’s me.
  • To give yourself an extra challenge, time yourself and write down the number of rounds and time. Try to beat your record next week.

Here’s to building a new booty!


  1. I really enjoyed this post sweetie!

    • Adrianne says

      Thanks! I thought that survey was pretty interesting. I did this workout the other day and was so sore. It definitely works the hamstrings well. 😉

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