Bootcamp With Bricks on My Feet

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Bootcamp ShoesI’ve been really disorganized this week for some reason, or at least more than usual. I was getting ready for bootcamp the other night and was thinking to myself that I needed to run to the laundry room and get my fins. Between the thought and the actual getting of the fins I managed to drop my water on the floor. Needless to say, the fins were quickly forgotten. I realized this as I got out of my car at bootcamp. Sigh.

Not to worry, all was not lost. There was a special treat in store which didn’t require the wearing of fins. We got to do the entire aquatic bootcamp with our shoes on. Yep, in the pool with shoes. The irony of this is funny. The Kid gets so excited about swimming and I’m always shouting at her to take her shoes off before getting in the pool. Here I was violating said rule… but under drill sergeant orders.

It would stand to reason that shoes are foot-shaped therefore how hard could it possibly be to swim with these foot-shaped shoes on. Let me tell you, it’s hard. I was like a drowning beluga whale flailing my last lurch across the pool. There was moaning, there was spluttering, then the freestyle quickly turned to breast stroke then doggie paddling in a panic. I’ve discovered it is pretty darn near impossible for me to swim with shoes on. Good to know if ever faced with an overboard situation. Lose the shoes first and I’ll be good to go.

There was a momentary break from the lap sprints in which we got to line up in our lane and tread water while passing a brick back and forth. Shoes still on. I can also confirm that I sink like a brick myself the second the real brick is in my hands. It did put things in perspective for me and the lap that I swam immediately following this drill was the easiest one of the night.

Even though bootcamp is a challenge, I find that I really love it. I often get the bullhorn aimed at me. “The breast stroke is not freestyle, bodybuilder!” Yes, I’m still dead last at every drill and still suck at it, but that’s part of the excitement for me. It gives me that much more room for improvement. How boring must it be for the best in the class. Yawn.

The plan is now for me to get up tomorrow and get to the gym for an aqua workout on my own. The more I do it, the better I hope to get. I promise you though that I will NOT have my shoes on for that workout.

Wish me luck and I’ll let you know how it goes!

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