Ladies And Gentlemen, We Will Build A Better Booty

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Sing with me! Baby.Got.Back! OK, so I don’t have back just yet but I’m working on it. I’ve had so much success with my Boulder Shoulders workout that I wanted to put together one for the other half of you. Seriously, I was doing crunches last night and noticed ripples and roundness in my shoulders. Ripples! Not just for ice cream apparently. Who knew! 😉

This one is a killer for your legs and backside. For you too, guys! You need a butt as much as we do. Do the exercises as a circuit without resting between unless you have to. Use a 2 count speed on the down portion of the rep, pause for 1 second, then 2 counts back up. Slow and controlled for everything but the pulses. Remember your Mississippis! One Mississippi, two Mississippi. Butt building isn’t a race or I’d have won by now. 😉

After the last exercise, rest 30 seconds and repeat for a total of 5 sets. I did the workout using the same dumbbells through the circuit so it made it easy to not have to swap out weights. It will also work your grip a bit to hold dumbbells for that long. You can easily do this with just your bodyweight too so no excuses from the home teams. Just hit Play on the DVR and get off your sofa.

booty builder

The pulses at the end will really get your muscles to burn. Give this a try and let me know what you think.

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