A Cool Workout App Discovery

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Yesterday we decided to take a break from the road tripping, sleep in, and enjoy the weather. I was grateful for the day off mainly because road trips while drinking a gallon of water a day is slightly difficult. Like screaming into the closest QT parking lot and dashing for the restroom difficult. 😉 I managed to do it every day though. No excuses!

We hung at the house while The Kid lay around and I cleaned a bit. It was also nice to leisurely walk the dog and get my workout in. Speaking of which, I found a really great app for quick workouts that you can do at home with minimal to no equipment. It’s called Nike Training Club and it’s free!

Nike Training ClubThe version I have is for the iPhone but they probably have one for Android or something similar. You choose your goal from the list and pick your fitness level. There are tons of workouts to choose from and you can workout for 30 mins, 45 mins, or an hour. Each exercise has pictures to show you how to do it if you have questions.

I also like that they tell you ahead of time what the exercises are and what equipment you need. That way you aren’t rushing around mid-workout to grab something. I chose a beginner 30 minute workout in the Get Lean category. I ended up burning 250 calories in the half hour. Not too shabby!

You can earn badges, rewards, and bonus workouts based on the number of minutes you workout. I may give it a try a couple days a week before work to squeeze in some quick cardio. Today is a rest day from the gym and I’m celebrating with a relaxing yoga class.

I’m glad to have some time to get back to yoga. I’ve missed it and need to loosen my stiff bones up a bit. Have you ever used an app for your workouts? Which do you recommend?

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