Crossfit Fundamentals Graduation Was Filled With Burpees

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goal smashedLast night was a big (OK, exciting to me at least) event. It was my graduation from Crossfit fundamentals class! After three weeks of learning the basics of moves and form, I’m now ready for real classes. Last night was interesting because class time coincided with the Rangers game which is pretty huge here in TX since it’s the World Series.

At 6:30, there are two classes – my fundamentals class and a real class. Two people showed up. Me and Young Crossfit Stud. You can guess which of us was attending which class.  We warmed up together and then did the first few exercises together. This was quite the entertainment if you were watching, I’m sure.

We had to take a 14 lb medicine ball, stand a few feet apart facing each other, and toss/hurl the ball back and forth. After each successful catch, we had to take a step backwards and toss again. If one of us missed, then we had to do 5 burpees. Now this was bad enough when I thought that the one that missed had to do the burpees.

Nope, both had to do burpees because in Crossfit, we’re a team! To quote The Kid as I relayed this story last night, “We all know where this story is going.” (Insert sigh and eye roll here.) This ball was huge. It was heavy. I missed. Twice. Thank goodness, just twice. I’m sorry Young Crossfit Stud. I tried really hard and you took it very well and with a smile.

injurtThe guilt I felt was horrible and I really did try. I even got a wrist burn as proof of my effort! After that, the instructors split us up into our own classes and Stud probably sighed the same sigh of relief that I did.  We quickly reviewed the rest of the exercises learned in the classes and then moved on to the WOD. Now the WOD was a repeat of the one that we did for time in the first class.

The goal was to complete the WOD faster than the first time to show improvement. I’m happy to say that the goal was accomplished smashed! My time on the first attempt was 5:34 and last night’s time was 4:45! How’s that for improvement. So now I’m free to attend the real classes for the rest of the month to give the WODs a try before officially joining.

I’m still trying to figure out how to work this in with my lifting with Trainer Man. The coaches last night told me that the goals of lifting and of Crossfit are different, and that I need to choose between them. Of course being me, I want to do both. Both excite me and I enjoy both. I desperately need help figuring out how to combine them.

We will see how it goes to the end of the month. If you or you know anyone that has successfully lifted and done Crossfit at the same time, let me know. I’d love to talk to you about how. Someone suggested two weeks of one then two weeks of the other, alternating back and forth. That might be an option.

What are your plans for the weekend? Doing anything big?

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