First Attempt At A New Workout AKA Come WOD With Me

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bicep muscles

Dang! Arms are looking good post-workout!

At the urging of a Twitter friend who kept telling me that I’d love it, I decided to give my very first CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD) a try last night. I’ve been pondering it for a while but all the WODs look incredibly hard. I even downloaded an app for my phone that gives me the WOD so I could check every now and then to see what was scheduled.

I happened to be laying in bed Wednesday morning and saw one that I thought I could actually do. I had arms with my trainer that afternoon so I merely lay there and didn’t actually do the workout. That and the fact that I’m so not a morning person. Pure insanity to workout prior to… say 9 am. Even then is early to move quickly some days.

Instead of my usual cardio, it was a WOD kinda night last night. I’m supposed to burn 500 calories a day and I knew that the WOD probably wouldn’t be enough especially if I didn’t give it a good warm up first. Always do your warm up for safety reasons obviously but also because it really ups the actual calorie burn during the workout. Little things like that help.

I ran for 2 miles as my warm up and then came back to my handy dandy GymBoss Interval Timer and my 40 lb barbell. I was supposed to use a heavier barbell but 1) I had that killer arm day and could still feel it, 2) I only have 40 lbs worth of plates and barbell at home, 3) I had visions of ripping my face off with the push presses. 😉

8 Rounds Total

  • 20 seconds of push presses with a barbell
  • 10 seconds of rest
  • 20 seconds of alternating jump lunges
  • 10 seconds of rest

And the results were respectable. I managed a total of 80 push presses and 196 jump lunges. Phew! (Forgive the wonky alignment of my table below if it looks weird to you. I couldn’t figure out how to make a real table this early in the morning.)

Round Push Presses Jump Lunges
1 13 26
2 12 26
3 12 26
4 10 24
5 9 24
6 8 22
7 8 22
8 8 22

I also was surprised at the calorie burn, but my heart rate was high the entire time. Bonus! 551 calories torched including the warm up run. I’ll definitely be giving this a try again if I can do the planned WOD without assistance from a burly CrossFit expert workout guy to spot me.

Have you tried CrossFit? What did you think?

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