Dust Off That Dumbbell And Bust A Move

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This weekend I was putting together a workout plan for a client and I asked what equipment she had to work with. Her response was that she thought she had a single 10 pound dumbbell and that was it. I know a lot of us have a lonely dumbbell gathering dust in the garage or in the dark recesses of a closet. At one point, it may have had a mate but we lost track of it a long time ago.

Now most of you probably think you can’t do much with a single weight. Dumbbells come in pairs, so one lonely weight won’t cut it right? Ah, this is where a little bit of creativity comes in. Doing a workout with a single weight is great to mix things up and challenge your body in a different way. By working one side at a time, your muscles need to work harder for stabilization and to keep your balance. This requires your abs to get in on the workout instead of sitting it out.

If you’re like me, you want your abs involved as much as possible so you don’t end up sucking them in all day. 😉 So get dig out that lonely dumbbell and make friends with it again with this workout. You’ll do 20 reps of each exercise, back to back for a total of 2 – 4 rounds based on your fitness level.

Lonely Dumbbell Workout

You can substitute other weighted objects like a water bottle, small backpack (or your purse, ladies!) if you have no weights at all. I know some of you have purses that weigh more than a small dog. If you find yourself randomly stuck with a single weight or even just want to change things up, give this a try.

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