Grip Power Pads Giveaway! (ENDED and Winner Announced!)

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Grip Power Pads in actionSome people like lifting “old school” and just use their bare hands or chalk. I’ve never liked doing that. Sometimes the friction of the barbell and dumbbell just hurts the skin on my palm. No one wants pain, not to mention that I really don’t like the idea of the skin toughening up. So I lift with gloves because I’d prefer human skin to leather hands. 😉

I’ve been using the same lifting gloves for quite a while and they are starting to wear out in places. They have a couple holes in them, and they also bunch up by my fingers. I call them well loved, but I actually have a couple callouses from the friction. Not good. A few weeks ago I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get a new pair. I jumped online to get the same pair of gloves that I’ve always used.

When I searched though, something came up in the results along with the gloves. They’re called Grip Power Pads and they’re a different concept than gloves. They’re neoprene grips that protect your hands and help you grip the barbell or dumbbells. Since I’d never heard of these before, I did my research and read through the reviews first to see what everyone thought about them. They’ve got a stellar rating on Amazon with 74% of people rating them 5 stars! That had my attention.

I noticed that there were several different versions of the grips so my next step was figuring out which ones to get. They have a basic pair of pads that you can get without bells and whistles. These you can stick in your pocket and put them between your palm and the bar to protect your hands. They also have a few models that you strap on your hands with a band and you can adjust them to fit. I liked the idea of the strap since I’m always losing things so I opted to go with the Grip Power Pads FIT version.

They have a few of varying thicknesses (PRO and NEO versions), but the FIT came in purple so naturally I had to go with this one. I was still a little skeptical in how they worked but I figured I’d try them and see. I’ve used them now for about three weeks and I’ve decided that I’m never going back to gloves again. These things are aMAZing!!! You slide them onto your hand and they cover the underside of your fingers and your palm. When you don’t need them, you just slip them off.Grip Power Pads FIT

They’re made out of neoprene and definitely helped me grip the bar without any trouble at all. Just like wearing gloves but they didn’t get all sweaty and damp feeling. I take a bunch of notes during my workout and it was easy just to slide the grip on and off to write, and there was no adjustment required. Just slide on, slide off. Easy.

Now here’s where I really got excited. When I do things that require me to really press with my hands instead of gripping like weighted tricep dips or bench presses, it kills my hands. The pressure of the bar against my palm is no match for gloves and a lot of times I ended up shoving a towel in between as extra padding. The grips were like little clouds in my palms. No pain at all, just cushion. Seriously I think that was my favorite part.

I just hit the weight room, slide on the grips, grab heavy things, and lift. No unbunching gloves, no wiping off hands, no need for extra straps or chalk. When I need to write or I’m done, I just slide them off. I also like that I don’t have to wear them for exercises that don’t require me to hold weights like leg presses, leg curls, leg extensions.

Grip Power Pads FIT on palmWith gloves, I just left them on because they were a pain to take off and put back on. My hands get to breathe now when I don’t need grips. The more I used the grips in the past couple weeks, the more I liked them. In fact I liked them so much that I actually called Grip Power Pads to tell them how much I was in love. I told them about my experience and they generously offered to send me a free pair to host a giveaway.

One lucky winner will receive their very own pair of Grips Power Pad in the FIT version sent to them via US mail. The giveaway goes from now through April 30, 2015. The winner will be chosen randomly from the entries and will be notified via their email address provided. The winner will have 48 hours from the time of notification to provide a US address. If no response is received, an alternate winner will be notified. Open to US residents only. No international winners will be chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There are multiple ways to enter. In addition to the giveaway, you can save 20% off any of the Grips Power Pads products on their site by using the promo code AFQ20PER.  They have several versions of the pads along with lifting straps and wrist wraps. Even if you don’t win the free pair, you can use the code to score a sweet discount. I am not compensated in any way when you use the discount code and I’m not an affiliate of Grips Power Pads.

Disclaimer: I purchased my pair of Grips Power Pads FIT grips with my own money. Because I liked them so much, I contacted the company to give them my thoughts. I was not compensated for my review nor was I asked to write a review of the grips. I chose to write the review on my own. That’s even my hand in the grip at the top left of this page. 😉 Grips Power Pads sent me the free pair for a giveaway but did not influence my review in any way. The opinions here are my own.


  1. What a great alternative to the swampy gloves! I need to definitely give them a try.

  2. I’ve wanted to get some gloves for quite a while now, but just hadn’t done so. These, however, sound like a much better option for me.

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