Hard Work Pays Off!

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The TurboFire Challenge is underway and going strong now! There are 36 of us on the FB Event page and a few more on the BB Message Board thread. It’s very cool to have that many of us working together and motivating each other. Week 1 officially ended yesterday so I’ve taken my weight and measurements to see the progress. I can’t stress enough how important taking both are on a weekly basis so that you can actually see progress. One week the scale might not move, but you lose inches and vice versa. Anything to keep the motivation strong, I say.

Since my nutrition consultation last week, I fiercely stuck to my allotted calories. I should get an award for that in itself! 1300 calories a day doesn’t sound like much, but actually it is quite doable after the first couple days. Adam hasn’t sent me an eating plan yet. For those who know me, sit down for this next bit. Adam said that what I was eating is spot on, but I was just eating too much. Do you realize what this means to a former fast food addict and sugar queen?! Me, eating spot on to a skilled nutrition person. Dogs and cats are living in harmony, mayhem is afoot.

In accepting this award, I’d like to thank The Primal Blueprint for overhauling my eating habits. Some won’t even consider giving up their precious grains, but I now find that I really don’t even miss them. I do partake every now and then (see the 80/20 Rule), but I’m probably more in the 97/3 range or better. I’ll lose the fries and mashed potatoes any day if I can keep my steak, burgers and butter. Actually now that I think of it, I might post a couple days worth of what I eat to give you guys an idea. No rocket science here. If Grok could do it, we can surely do it.

Now for some tidbits on TurboFire so far – Love It! Two thumbs up, woohoo, and all that jazz. Seriously. Of the hundreds of workout DVDs that I’ve done, Chalean Extreme was the only one that I did the entire class schedule and didn’t miss a workout. I’m expecting that this will be the second one. The first week consisted of 6 different workouts for 6 days. There were two workouts per day in different combinations, so some workouts were repeated.

After doing these workouts, here is what I’ve gathered from observation:

  • The Fire workouts are mostly medium to high intensity with a few Fire Drills thrown in. My heart rate was up there in the high range the majority of the time.
  • The HIIT workouts are just that. Several short rounds of high intensity with short periods of rest between.
  • The EZ workouts are similar to the Fire workouts but seemed to have longer periods of medium intensity. The EZ also has Fire Drills included. Someone on one of the board suggested EZ stands for Extreme Zest. I like that.

There were two Stretch classes this week. Stretch 10 was done quite a bit and is nice to give your muscles some attention after the workouts. Stretch 40 was more of a “yoga” type workout. I’m not fond of yoga and can’t say this one was my fave, but my backside hurt for 2 days afterwords so it did something. Core 20 was surprisingly fun! I wasn’t sure what to expect there, but Chalene had us using the resistance band for a kick tummy ab workout. At one point, I was expecting an ab muscle to rip off and slap me in the face! I think I’ll like this workout quite a bit each week.

The music in these workouts is great and Chalene’s motivation is perfectly timed. Just when I feel like I can’t go on, she’s cheerfully barking at me to keep going and push through. Yesterday during the finale, I groaned and huffed for a second. The Kid was playing on the computer and looked up to shout “You’re not tired!” at me. I almost had to stop and laugh, but pushed through for an 806 calorie workout burn. I told you these workouts don’t mess around!

Now for my Week 1 results. My goals for the week were 1300 calories eaten per day and 688 calories burned per day. My actuals were an average of 1297 calories eaten and 710 calories burned. How’s that for near perfection! Easy peasy, peeps. If I can do it, you can do it. My weight went from 141.6 lbs to 137.6 lbs and I lost 1.75 inches total. In one week! No complaints here. Four lbs and 1.75 inches. This helps with the motivation for Week 2. I’m on fire now!

I can see my goal of 135 on the horizon! Now I have to figure out a reward for reaching it…


  1. Obviously you found the Primal Blueprint helpful. I'm SO confused about nutrition lately…..to eat carbs or not!! I'm curious about this book, so I might check it out. BTW, your week one results are fantastic!! Good Job!!

  2. The Accidental Exerciser says

    Thanks so much! I highly recommend the Primal Blueprint and their website. It wasn't easy the first couple weeks but now it's no problem at all to skip grains. I don't miss them at all. People do look at you weird when you pass them up though at meals.

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