Have a Ball with an Outdoor Workout

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Since I’ve been off this week, I’ve been more creative with my workouts. I’ve enjoyed the backyard for a couple of them. The weather is perfect first thing in the morning, before it gets too hot and sunny. I also get the workout out of the way so I can do other things like have fun with The Kid, swim, read magazines, and such.

My workout on Monday was full of functional exercises and ab work. It didn’t take too long but was pretty intense. All I needed was an exercise mat and volleyball. Grass on the mat is optional. I was covered in it after the workout since sweating makes you sticky. 😉

Outdoor Mat WorkoutHave a Ball Outdoor Workout

Equipment Needed – Exercise Mat, Volleyball

  1. Jump Overs – Stand on the grass facing the mat along one of the long sides. Jump with both feet over the mat and land feet together on the grass on the other side. Jump and spin to turn facing the mat. Jump with both feet back to the other side and jump spin again to face the mat. Repeat for 25 jumps.
  2. Donkey Kicks – Get on your hands and knees. Your hands should be in the grass on one of the short sides of the mat. Both feet should be together in the grass on one of the long sides. Push off with both feet to kick them over the mat to the grass on the other side. Repeat for 25 kicks.
  3. Football Runs – Stand feet together in the grass along one of the long sides of the mat. Stand on the outside foot and leap across the mat, landing on the other foot. Keep the inside foot lifted after you land and immediately jump back across landing on the starting foot. This will look similar to bootcamp tire runs. Repeat for 30 jumps.
  4. Plank Walks – Get on the mat in a plank push up position. Lower yourself to your right elbow then your left elbow. Straighten your right arm and lift back up, then your left arm. Down, down, up, up. Repeat this 10 times leading with the right, 10 times leading with your left.
  5. Ball Jacks – Stand on the mat feet together, holding the ball with both hands. Jump your feet apart to straddle the mat. At the same time, lift the ball overhead keeping your arms straight. Jump your feet back together while bringing the ball back down, arms straight. That’s one jack. Repeat for 15 jacks.
  6. Russian Twists – Sit on the mat with your feet in front of you, knees bent. Hold the ball with both hands and slightly lean back. Twist and tap the ball on one side, twist the other direction and tap the ball on the other side. Repeat for 15 reps each side.
  7. Woodchoppers – Hold the ball over one shoulder with both hands. Keep your arms straight and twist from the upper body to bring the ball down to the opposite hip. Like you’re chopping a tree with the ball. Twist again to bring the ball back up to starting position. Repeat for 15 chops each side.

Repeat the sequence for 3 rounds, resting 1 – 2 minutes between rounds. I used a volleyball since the size worked well for me. If you really want to up the effort, you can use a weighted medicine ball or dumbbell. If you don’t have an exercise mat, a beach towel or something similar would work too.

Make sure to take breaks during if you need to and go at your own pace. I think the functional workouts are quickly becoming some of my favorites. You should see my calf muscles now with all the jumping I do! Happy Hump Day!

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