Just Like Justin and Madonna Say – Just 4 Minutes

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That's the real thing, not spray on sweat!

No, you won’t save the world but you might save some of your health! Or maybe should I call this HIIT in and get out. If I’m in a hurry, I love doing short and very intense intervals to get my workout done. No excuses anymore to skip it if it doesn’t take a long time to burn calories. This is what I decided to do yesterday to just get it done.

Have you tried intervals? There are tons of different kinds to choose from. I usually go with rope skipping. That’s jump roping to us old people. Not sure why the name change to make it sound all that. It’s definitely not the “Cinderella, dressed in yella” type jump roping though. This is intense and sweat dripping as the picture shows.

If you are starting out with intervals, make sure you work at your level and read up on them first. I usually do Tabata intervals because they seem to go by fast for me, but you can do all kinds of variations. Tabata intervals consist of 8 rounds of 30 second intervals – 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Just 4 minutes total. I like to do this 5 times for a total of 20 minutes.

jump rope and timerI use my handy Gymboss Interval Timer and a jump rope. If you are as bad as I am at jumping rope without tripping, you can always start out with an invisible jump rope. Just pretend you have a rope and are turning it as you faux jump. That’s where I started and moved up to a real rope when I got more coordinated. I can now manage to jump for 20 seconds straight until I start getting tired.

Make sure to do a 10 minute warm up before starting your intervals. If you don’t, you won’t burn as many calories during the HIIT workout and you also might pull something or injure yourself. That definitely won’t be good. Once you’re warmed up, set your timer for the rounds and jump as fast and smoothly as you can for the 20 seconds then stop for 10 seconds while you prep for the next interval. Repeat for the 8 rounds until the interval is done.

If you’re just starting out, one or two intervals might be enough for you. I managed to burn 235 calories in my 20 minutes. I use a heart rate monitor to track my calories and also to make sure that I’m working hard enough during the intervals. You can do jumping jacks instead of rope jumping, or yard sprints, burpees, jumping squats. The ideas are endless.

Have you tried intervals? What exercise is your favorite and what are the length of your intervals?

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