King Cake Fit For A King And Early Morning Workouts

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King CakeThis week has been fraught with temptation so far. I have a few people from Louisiana that I work with. Of course, they are well versed in Mardi Gras traditions. One of which I had never heard of before them. The king cake! Have you ever heard of king cake? It’s a massive cream cheese icing filled donut with purple, green, and yellow frosting.

Complete bad news for a donut addict like me. The strange part is that they bake a plastic baby in the cake that represents Baby Jesus. You cut the cake and whoever ends up with the baby gets good luck and has to buy next year’s king cake. Look closely in the pic and you can see the baby poking out. I survived this one, but found out that relatives are coming this weekend and bringing another king cake for work. Noooooo!

I’ve been pressed for time in the evenings lately now that I’m participating more in homework duties. It’s actually going pretty well so far and there really is a lot less nagging. In order to still get my cardio, regular lifting and dog walking in, I’ve been getting up before work to squeeze in some cardio. Yes, I just said those dreaded words. Oh, the things I do. Please don’t miss imagining my eye rolling as you read that.

One good thing about working out in the morning is that my heart is so traumatized and in shock about being asked to work that early, it really doesn’t take long to burn calories. It starts buzzing in there like a hummingbird and before you know it, my heart rate monitor tells me I’ve reached my burn goal. My reward is an extra cup of coffee before work.

Here is the workout I’ve been doing this week to get in an intense calorie burner. Make sure to warm up first to get your muscles ready and loosen up a bit before the workout. I set my interval timer for 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. There are 6 exercises and I do 4 rounds. Total workout time comes to 24 minutes flat after the warm up. I refuse to workout more than 30 minutes before work. I’m sure my co-workers completely agree with this choice. 😉

I picked the exercises so there is as much up and down movement as possible because that helps keep the heart rate up. I used the same dumbbell throughout so I didn’t have to worry about changing the weight and wasting time during the 10 second rest.

  1. Mountain climbers
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Goblet squats holding a dumbbell
  4. Dumbbell snatches
  5. Dumbbell clean and presses – right side
  6. Dumbbell clean and presses – left side

I confess that some nights I sleep in my workout clothes so that all I have to do is roll out of bed in the morning and put on shoes. If I had a way to protect my sheets, don’t think I wouldn’t sleep in shoes too! I am so not a morning person. How do you morning people do it and what’s wrong with you?!

Have you given intervals a try? What are some of your favorite exercises to use? Have you ever tried king cake?! If not, you really should. 🙂

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