Last Day, At Last

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Today was a day of lasts and firsts. It’s the last day that I am on the low eating plan for a while. Tomorrow I move up to the big time – 1700 calories a day! Wow, that’s pretty much packing it in compared to what I’ve been doing during contest prep. Meal plans are written out and grocery shopping is all done for the next week. All that’s left is to cook and eat it. I’ll share a few recipes too so you guys can follow along. I got a fresh bottle of cinnamon for the occasion. You can never have enough cinnamon in my book. It goes well on just about anything – oatmeal and apples to chicken and sweet potatoes.

My trainer’s lease ended at the old gym and today was my first workout at the new place. It’s only a couple streets over from the old place, but it’s much nicer. There’s all kinds of fancy equipment that I’m not used to. Lots more treadmills, bikes, and even a smith machine in there. I had actually never used a smith machine prior to today. It took some getting used to, that’s for sure. It’s rare that I use any machine actually since his gym is full of free weights, plates, and barbells for the most part. Machines tend to limit your range of motion quite a bit and you get much more benefit by not using them.

Today is also the last day of down time between goals. Bikini competitor – check. Next up – figure competitor. This requires me to put on quite a bit more muscle. This last year has been focused on getting rid of the fat for the most part and building a little muscle. The fat is now gone and it’s time to really focus on muscle going forward. That means heavy lifting, more often. Soooooo, I joined a gym at last. Not a personal training facility like I’ve been going to but LA Fitness, a real gym. Tomorrow will be the first time I’m going. Yes, that’s right. The first time. I signed up at work, so even signing up didn’t require me going to the gym.

It’s surprising how intimidating it actually is for someone like me. I’m a home workout person. It took effort to get comfortable working with a personal trainer. Now I’ve mastered that and the next step in the journey is to go it on my own two days a week. Project Bad Ass (PBA), as I refer to it, cannot be successful without more lifting time. Tomorrow morning I plan on going and starting out with my first cycling class. Since today was leg day, I’m not sure I’m actually going to be able to cycle but I’ll see how it goes. I’m at least going to swim laps in the pool while I’m there and I’ll check out the crowded-ness of the weight area.

Are you intimidated at the gym? Wish me luck!

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