Let’s HIIT It and Start a Fire!

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I finally caved the other day and ordered the latest One on One DVD for Legs. Why did I do this? Because each month, the DVD comes with a free surprise. I was never really that tempted before, but this month the surprise was a free preview of the much awaited Turbo Fire. The deadline to get the free preview was June 2nd and I was able to resist until May 31st. Small accomplishment, but I’ll pat myself on the back for lasting that long.

Much to my delight, I found the package waiting on my doorstep yesterday when I got home from work. I quickly tore into it and read the summary on the sleeve. Sorry, Tony, but I pretty much will ignore your DVD just for the time being. I promise I will post a review of that one later in the week. Friday always has Friday Night Dinner involved. It is a tradition since the day I brought The Kid home from the hospital. Every Friday night, we do Friday Night Dinner at a restaurant of choice. Occasionally others will join us but we only miss it when absolutely necessary, and I can count on one hand the number of misses in the last 11 years

Yesterday’s pick was Red Robin. Red Robin is known for their bottomless basket of fries and the rather large milkshakes. I ate cleanly and behaved the entire week, and Friday is my moment to have dessert if I want it. No guilt, no remorse. I was so excited about trying Turbo Fire for the first time last night that I willingly skipped dessert because I was worried I would be too full to workout. Wise choice on my part and it also shows just how far I have come in my journey. Just a short time ago, I wouldn’t have even wasted time thinking and would have had fries and the shake. I did enjoy my chicken ensalada which was very good. The Kid at three, yes THREE, bowls of the spaghetti. That’s bottomless too along with the fries

Now on to the Turbo review. The free preview was of the HIIT 15 which stands for high intensity interval training and 15 because it’s 15 minutes. It was an intense 15 minutes alright. There is, of course, a warm up and a cool down. In between, you’ve got Fire Drills! The fire drills are 30 seconds long and consist of three sets of three exercises that you do three times. Jacks, running, skiing, high knees and more. I beyond loved it and am even more excited about the entire Turbo Fire set coming in just under two weeks. My heart was pounding and I definitely ended up pushing myself

Chalene’s personality hasn’t changed so if you loved Turbo Jam and Chalean Extreme, you won’t be disappointed. I also loved that there is always someone modifying the exercises and is doing a lower impact version. Not everyone can or should be doing full jumping jacks, but you’ll still be pushed with the low impact version shown. I’m trying to get together a bunch of us for motivation and started the Turbo Fire We’re On Fire Challenge. The Firecrackers are gathering and we hope to start around July 5th if most of us get our order in time. Come on over if you’re interested! One of the best ways to reach goals is to work with buddies to motivate you.


  1. Mélyane says

    Lucky you!!! I'm happy you got to try the free Turbo Fire preview!!! Just can't wait to get the full program! ;o)

    I'm still having problems opening the Turbo Fire challenge page..It gives me this : "Can't find the page you are looking for" message.
    Are there other people who did subscribed as a member to that page? Am I the only one who gets that error message?

    Have a great day!

    Chantale (Melyane on BB)

  2. The Accidental Exerciser says

    Trying to figure out what's wrong. If anyone else can't get the link to work, please let me know.

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