Lunch Workouts Open Up A Whole New World!

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The past couple weeks, I’ve increased my cardio a bit to burn off some fat. This will give me and my coach a chance to see just how much muscle I have and IF I’m ready to tackle the stage. I still have to lift as heavy as possible and eat enough to continue building muscle, but the cardio will increase the calorie burn and if all goes well the body fat will drop.

I think I’m going to fall short of the amount of muscle needed, but time will tell. Fingers crossed. I split up my workouts now since lifting and cardio back to back takes a time commitment that I don’t have in one block. During the week, I get up in the morning and do my cardio and then lift after work. That seems to be working well and didn’t take much schedule adjustment.

If you’ve been following on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I tried working out a couple times a week during lunch. This has completely taken me by surprise. It’s like a “where have you been all my life” moment. I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn. I don’t have to muster the evening energy. I get to the gym, crank out a warm up, then workout. Quick shower and boom, back at work.

Tuna SashimiPlus I got to enjoy the easiest lunch ever when I got back. No microwave required. I did have to use my teeth to rip the plastic open since I didn’t have scissors. 😉

With a lunch workout, my energy for the afternoon is through the roof AND I sleep like the dead at night. I didn’t think evening workouts affected me, but there must be something to the studies that show working out late can interrupt your sleep.

Evenings are then free for me to enjoy whatever I want to do – study for my final exam, see Willy Wonka The Musical at the high school, walk Thing Two, or even… just sit. Ahhhhhh. The downside is that work gets in the way and I can’t do it every day. One maybe two times a week max.

When is your favorite time to workout? Have you tried lunchtime? Any tips for me to be able to do this every day?! The important thing to remember is that the best time to workout is the time that works for you to actually do it. Getting there is half the battle.


  1. What are you eating???

    Anyways, I wish I could do luch time workouts. We have a gym here at work but I only get a 30 min lunch…now way is that enough time for me to even get a small workout in….maybe if I get back to a 1 hour lunch I can manage that task again. I use to love it when I had the time.

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      Ha! It tastes so much better than it looks. It’s ahi tuna sashimi. No cooking required. Just rip open the plastic and eat. I can’t do lunch workouts more than once a week because it takes too much time. I usually don’t get a lunch at all. I managed to work in an hour lunchbreak once a week. I still run over on time. The workout itself would fit but when you add in driving there and back, changing twice, and a shower, it ends up more than an hour.

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