My Fabulous Leg Day Workout

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Today was leg day for me. I always try to do leg day on Saturdays because the workout tends to take a while and it also poops me out. Weekend days are perfect to laze around a bit afterwards and recover my senses. I changed things up for April with some new workouts. I focused on some pretty hard supersets during the first half and then finished up with plyometrics and sprints.

I tried to focus my supersets on quads first then hamstrings, back and forth. Squats and deadlifts, extensions and curls, and so on. That way while one muscle group worked the other rested. I’ve been reading up on muscle dominance this week. It turns out that I am quad dominant due to weak hamstrings and glutes.

I figured this out because after my leg workouts, my hamstrings and glutes are mildly sore but my quads are dying. Because my posterior muscles are weak, I compensate subconsciously by using my stronger quads to do the exercises. Most people are slightly quad dominant but I seem to be on the strong end of the spectrum. To work on this,

I am trying to focus on activating my hamstrings and glutes in my workout so that I can work more on those areas. We will see if mental focus helps out with this. Plyometrics were thrown in to really test my muscles and exhaust them completely by the end. Any energy that was left was quickly used up by my sprints.

Fabulous KittyHonestly my sprints started out a sprint and quickly morphed into a sorta fast jog, otherwise I would have flown off the back of the treadmill and embarrassed myself. I’ve never actually witnessed someone doing that firsthand but I’ve seen videos of it. I was intent on not becoming a star in my own video if I tripped.

Coordination is not my strong point even on the best days, but particularly not on leg day at the end of a workout. I saw this pic of Fabu Kitty on Facebook the other day. I kept picturing him as I did my box jumps to give me motivation. He’s definitely fabulousssss and makes me smile.

I love a challenge though and the harder the workout, the better I feel afterwards with a sense of accomplishment. Which is your favorite workout day? Does it make you feel fabuloussss? 😉

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