Finally Turning Bad Ass During Project Bad A$$

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Ripples and Veins At Last!

Happy Labor Day, everyone! I have to admit that I’ve had THE BEST DAY EVER! I wish you could have spent it with me because let me tell you my energy would have worn off on you. If you’ve been following along, you know that I’m still in the midst of Project Bad A$$.

Honestly I’ve lost track of what week exactly I’m on since I’ve just kept my head down and plodded through. This past week I could stand no more of the fat feeling I had constantly with bulking and building muscle. I was sitting at 147.4 lbs (with clothes and shoes!) and 17% body fat. Not bad and still pretty low body fat for a woman, but I hated the feeling.

I overhauled my diet this week from what I was eating and changed things up a bit to start cutting. I was following a primal eating plan before which includes things like bananas, sweet potatoes, and dairy. The change up was to go completely paleo which is pretty hard core. No more nanas, startchy carbs, and much less fruit.

I kept the cardio and calorie intake the same as they were before. Today was the big weigh and measure day. Can I get a drum roll please?…

I weighed in today at 140.2 lbs (with clothes and shoes) and 15.8% body fat. A grand total loss of 7.2 lbs this week. Yes, some of it was water but there was fat loss too! This is huge! I was completely and utterly stunned. With the loss came striations, veins, and all kinds of definition. For the first time, I actually feel like I stand a chance of winning that trophy.

I was so pumped with adrenaline that I even burned 830 calories during my chest and back workout today. That tells you how hard I was pounding those weights. I could have benched Superman if he’d been there!

The weather was gorgeous and I’ve had the windows open all day. On the way home, AC/DC (a fave of mine) came on the radio. I treated myself to a great purple pedicure. Life is grand here. I’ve had the biggest smile all day.  Oh and a bit more news for you guys…

I made a decision to go back to being a red head. Most of you have only known me with the various shades of brown and blonde that I’ve experimented with in the past year. Done, gone, finished. I am once again a red head. Look out world! I’m baaaaaaack! (Pictures will be forthcoming, but I like the suspense.)

How was your Labor Day? I hope it was as great as mine! xoxo

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