First Month of Project Bad A$$ Results Are In

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my bicep

Bicep in Progress

Week 4 of Project Bad A$$ has ended and I got weighed and measured tonight after my workout. I’m still holding strong on my weight and gaining a bit of muscle. Most of my measurements are now up which is to be expected when you gain muscle and your fat percentage stays about the same. They will drop slightly when the fat comes back off.

Since this is my first official bulk to gain muscle, it takes a bit of playing around with calories to get the balance right and not gain too much fat in the process. My trainer is awesome so it didn’t take as much playing as it would have had I gone it alone. Phew, thank goodness for this!

Since the first month is done, it’s time to celebrate a few successes:

  • My biceps have gained an inch! An entire inch since contest! They are now (when flexed as much as I can humanly muster) 12 inches. Yep, a foot of bicep in today’s pic. The right side is 11.75″. It’s weird. I’m right handed, yet my left side consistently measures larger and is stronger.
  • Tonight I benched 95 lbs for a new personal bench record. Saturday I squated and lunged 100 lbs for 10 reps each set. Last week I deadlifted 155 lbs and bench rowed 50 lb dumbbells for more PRs. These are big girl weights for the first time!

I have to use straps now for some of the weights since my grip needs improvement. I’ve noticed that my mental attitude has changed too during most workouts. I try to not whine as much and force myself to be quiet in concentration while lifting. It doesn’t always work out that way and I still do my fair share of complaining, but I’m making a good effort.

This is very cool stuff and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. I can feel my excitement now as I drive to the gym since it’s my favorite time of the day. I blast the music in my car and sing along for a great mood lifter!

What do you do to mentally prep for the gym? What are your PRs? Share them below and celebrate with me on the road to Bad A$$!


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