Missed By A Hair, Or A Millimeter

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Last night was my weekly weigh and measure day. Thirteen percent body fat was my goal that I hoped to reach. Even 13.9 would have been fine, so I thought lucky number 13 all afternoon. As a female, once you hit 14% or so the going gets a bit tougher and you really have to put your mind to it… not that the percentages before don’t take effort. 😉

I’ve got some great, good, and OK news. The great news is that I look very defined right now. I actually did end up cheating the other day with a pumpkin pie milkshake. It was to DIE for delicious. I should entertain you with that story sometime as I was busted for the adventure on facebook by The Kid. Let’s just say don’t get between me and my much wanted milkshake or bad things happen.

arm veinsSince I’ve been eating pretty low carb lately, it was an interesting experiment to carb load. About an hour after drinking it, I looked like the incredible hulk with veins popping out everywhere. It goes to show you what bad carbs actually can do to your body as they course through your veins – literally. Think about that the next time you want fries and a shake.

The good news is that I pinched lower this week so I’m still heading in the right direction. Fat is still coming off and my weight is holding strong so that’s perfect! The OK news is that I missed 13%… by 1 mm. That’s a millimeter, a teeny tiny millimeter. So close, yet not quite.

I had an incident with a 16 oz jar of crunchy almond butter this week though. Most likely that is to blame. I had no idea that almond butter came in crunchy form so I was forced into buying a jar when I was told about it. Unfortunately I did not replace my usual planned almond butter with the crunchy.

Oh, I ate the regular almond butter too as usual and added the new crunchy jar. Yes, the whole jar in a week. Don’t judge if you haven’t tried the stuff. You’ve no idea what you’re dealing with. So considering I did that, I’m saying that my progress was nothing short of amazing!

ab update 2Since I’m so close now to the elusive six pack, I decided that I’m going to post a weekly (or more if there’s significant change) picture. I’m also going to update my twitter avi weekly with the same pic. It will keep me motivated and honest if I have to report in to you guys on Operation Six Pack.

Feel free to send encouragement or to knock me back on track if I slide back from 4 abs to 2 rolls. For a brief moment last night after working abs, I had 6 of ’em if you looked closely. Shhhh, don’t scare them away. 😉

Have you tried crunchy almond butter? What did you think?


  1. You did not actually just tell me that there is such a thing as crunchy almond butter…did you? Oh. My. GOSH!

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      I know! I’m not sure how I missed this fact. I (in good nature) blame Jeris for this. He’s the one who told me about it. I ate the entire jar… in like 4 days! I refuse to buy a replacement.

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