Progress Pic – I’ve Got Back!

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back musclesAfter my workout yesterday, I decided to finally get around to taking a progress pic. Actually I had The Kid take the progress pic so I could get a good shot and not have to hold the phone at a weird angle. She’s pretty good at it!

Given the luck the I have, of course my back is the part of me showing the most progress so far. Does it always have to be in a place where I can’t see it myself without contortions in a mirror?!

I guess you should be grateful for the small things. If it were someplace noticeable to me, I’d be flexing and posing every chance I got. That would get old for you quickly and you’d be begging me to stop. 😉

My abs are also coming along nicely and once I drop another 2 – 3 % BF, I may actually have a 6 pack. I’ve clearly got 4 now. Starbucks frappaccinos come in 4 packs so that’s a good thing too. (Jeez, haven’t had one of those in well over a year.)

I’m looking at the calendar today to see about a possible date for a photo shoot. I think I might be closer than I thought last week. If The Kid gets a good ab picture, I’ll post it later today. Happy Hump Day! I love short weeks because it puts us closer to the weekend.

We’ve got the Heart of Texas going on here this weekend and I really hope to go. I’ve got a friend competing and I want to see him win in person! Does anyone have big plans for the weekend?



  1. Your pictures look great. I have been thinking about setting up a photoshoot in a few months. It will give me something to concentrate on while I recover from surgery.

    No plans for the weekend…just work.

    Good luck to your friend this weekend.

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      Thanks Dawn. I loved my first shoot and it went really well. The photographer had some great ideas. I found another photographer for the next one but she hasn’t done fitness shots before. Not sure how it will go. It’ll be fun though.

      Try to find one that has done the type of shots you want before and get someone to do your makeup if you can. It makes a ton of difference! You’ll have fun. Let me know if you do it.

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