Uh Oh, I Missed Again But It’s No Big Deal

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ab avi 5It’s that time – new ab avi! After the weekend with crossfit and leg day on the same day, my poor body is really aching. My lats are dying from all the pull ups and my backside is not happy from the leg presses. Even just pushing on my lats hurts!

That being said some of my measurements were up because I’m swollen from the soreness, but overall I pinched lower this week. I’m headed in the right direction again but still missed 13%.

The funny thing is that I’m really OK with it since I actually look better and more defined this week even though there wasn’t a huge drop. I have crossfit three times a week and am lifting with Trainer Man three times a week so there is no way the fat percentage can hold on much longer. Plus I’m way out from my faux date of 11/18 during this trial run.

This week we are changing the diet a bit to mix things up. I dropped the fat grams and upped the carbs to force some water into my muscles. It’s very interesting how much of a science this is. Anyone who says a calorie is a calorie really doesn’t know what they are talking about from what I can tell.

Calories are not equal as they are used differently by the body depending on the nutrient source – protein, fat, or carb. Some cause water retention, some cause deflation, some fast energy, some sustained energy and so on. I’m really trying to learn all this so that I can start tweaking on my own. I think I understand part of it, but definitely not all. Note to self: Find out more!

It will be interesting to see what this does to my muscle definition and vascularity this week. I definitely have some veins going that weren’t as prominent before. The bad thing about carbs is that eating them makes me want more of them. I could smother myself in pancakes and biscuits right now. Some want to roll in a bed of money, I want to roll in a bed of pancakes!

If you were going to “carb up”, what would you choose? Hit me with your best suggestion. I want to have some nice daydreams. 🙂


  1. I’d do Belgian Waffles – complete with fruit, whip cream and real maple syrup.

    Then, I’d likely sleep for four or five hours after that food feast!

    Your new avi is AMAZING, Adrianne! Keep up the outstanding work!

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      Thanks, Adam! I’ve been doing what you suggested for my rear delts. Trainer Man said I looked “less unbalanced” in the shoulders so it must be working. I love Belgian waffles, and french toast, and pancakes. Any carb-based breakfast food obviously. 😉

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