Week 3 of Project Bad A$$ Starts With A Plan

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not a happy face

This is not a happy face!

Yesterday marked the beginning of week 3 of Project Bad A$$ and the day I get my weight, measurements and body fat done by my trainer. Last week was an off week for me. I had to skip bootcamp on one of the nights, and then on another day the instructor cancelled class. A few of us didn’t get the word and showed up at the crack of dawn anyway. Blugh for those of us non-morning people.

My eating was off too. There were a couple of graham cracker binges that took place. I’ve been dying for carbs lately and those were in the house. I still can’t resist some times even if my mind tells me not to. Even after all this time. I’m not sure if all old habits die hard, or if some just won’t die at all. Ha!

My weight was up 2 lbs this week. Some of it might be water, but not all of it. No excuses for last week. It is what it is and I just need to get back on track this week. I’ve put together a new eating plan and have all my workouts planned. Last night I set a new PR on dumbbell bench rows. 55 lbs for the first time ever.

Send motivation for this week. I need it!

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