Rice Krispies – Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

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triangle posIf you read my post yesterday, you saw that I was having some issues with possibly overtraining and definitely stiffness. I decided to give yoga a try to help with both problems. I figured it would keep me moving while still burning some calories and hopefully stretch and rest my muscles.

I tried regular yoga but I also found a place near me that does both regular and hot yoga. Now hot yoga seems interesting to me. I guess mainly because it gives me the illusion that I’m burning tons of calories if I sweat a lot. I doubt it compares to cardio though. I may give it a try if they offer a trial class.

Here are some things that I learned so far on my new yoga adventure:

Interesting Observations

  • I discovered I’m quite flexible which is nice for someone in their 40s. (See picture as evidence of said flexibility.)
  • It wasn’t as boring as I expected. This is an unusual bonus for a Type A personality.
  • I got a chance to see my muscles from different angles. Keep in mind that I haven’t had muscles (ever) until recently so this was awesome to see ripples in some places!
  • I found that I still need to learn to relax. My mind wandered a bit during the breathe in/breathe out stuff. I was not in the moment since I was several moments ahead of everyone else.
  • Holding some of the poses was difficult! Given that I worked my shoulders pretty hard the night before, the downdog was a bit shaky at times.
  • I definitely need to work on muscle endurance at some point. My trainer and I have focused on building strength but not endurance. This was very obvious in the poses.
  • I do a really good imitation of a bowl of rice krispies – snap, crackle, pop. It didn’t hurt but it was sure loud!

I might try this a couple times a week to see if it helps loosen me up. I felt great after class and maybe a little more relaxed than usual. Might have just been the fact that I was off work for the day. 😉 My joints were definitely looser than normal. Hopefully this holds out until after my workout tonight.

Have you tried yoga? If so, what type and what did you like best? Share any tips you’ve got please. I’d love to hear them.



  1. Haven’t tried yoga before, but I’d love to. I know I’m totally UN-flexible, and I want to become better. I’m joining a new gym come end of this month that will have tons and tons of class options including both yoga nad hot yoga. Will advise after!!

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      That’s so cool that your gym offers hot yoga too. Mine has regular but I’d have to join an official yoga place for hot. They are really expensive and I probably could only do drop ins every now and then.

      Definitely let me know what you think. I’ll post too if I end up trying it.

  2. I have never taken a yoga class but it’s on my bucket list of things to do. Sounds like a great stress reducer.

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      I was surprised at how well it worked at loosening me up. Even during my workout today I felt less tight in my hips. I’m taking another class tomorrow for sure since I liked it so much. I’m hoping I am able to relax a bit more mentally during the class. If you can take one, I would. Even just a free trial class.

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