Seven Stages of Working Out

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This has been a week of change at last. I guess the stars just aligned right somehow, and everything that I’ve been doing has started visually paying off. Yes, each week there has been a change on paper with fat loss and measurements, but looking in the mirror I haven’t seen a change. Something happened and this week was stunning with the visual change. I can see it and others are starting to notice too!

I’m typically not one to appreciate or even like change, and there were more than just visual changes to deal with this week. My trainer went to Austin for a competition so I had to train with someone else two days this week. I wasn’t completely without Adam though since he wrote down the plan of what he would do if he were still here and gave it to Nikki to run through with me. The worst part of being without him was that I have to wait until Monday when he is back to do my measurements and body fat.

I sit here now and my entire body hurts with muscle soreness after those two workouts. They were the hardest, most taxing workouts I have ever had in my entire life. I kid you not. Yesterday I burned 986 calories during my leg workout. Those are lifting calories, not cardio calories. That’s a huge thing for those of you who understand the difference. Nikki kicked my butt and she really had some great advice. I definitely think I might ask for a session with her every couple months just to mix things up.

I realized that working out is very similar to the seven stages of grief. First it started with shock. I got no warning that Adam was leaving me for Austin. Most likely this is because he has picked up on the fact that I don’t like change and figured the sneak attack was the best approach. After the workout started, I quickly moved into denial. I wasn’t exactly sure what Adam was thinking when he put the workout together, but he surely could not have been thinking about me! I seriously asked Nikki a couple times to please check her paper again to make sure that my name was at the top of it. The weights were all way up and a lot of the exercises were ones that I had never done before.

She said that typically Adam bumps things up when he is gone. His reasoning is that most people will lift more since they want to impress a new trainer with their abilities. He sets heavier weights since it is more likely to get done without complaining and proves to the person that they can do it. Then when he gets back, he can just pick up with the heavier weights and mission accomplished. Once I was told this and realized that the workout was actually for me, the anger started. I threw a temper tantrum and heaved weights around like a child. I said mean things and thought even meaner ones. I bet you a quarter Nikki now thinks I’m psychotic and is glad she only had two workouts.

The anger pushed me through another couple circuits and then the bargaining began. My legs were shaking so badly I had to waddle my way onto the stairmaster where I proceeded to cry silently and whimper. You know I’m serious when the mouth stops running and all you hear is silence. At that point I didn’t care what my butt would look like in a few months; I just wanted to stop and sit down. This is when Nikki swooped in with her encouraging words and motivation. She’s been exactly where I was and knew how to push me through despite my begging to let me stop. Thankfully I didn’t stop and I finished the hardest thing I’ve done in a long time. If I had stopped, I wouldn’t have this feeling of accomplishment right now. There is no substitute for it.

Since I’ve blasted through the first goal of body fat and I am just a breath away from the second goal of weight, I decided it is time to set a big one. Within the next 12 months, I plan to do a contest. It’s going to take a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and temper tantrums, but I’m going to do it. I want that trophy and picture to sit in a place of honor in my house. I told my BFF what my plans were and he said if I do it, he will even pay my entry fee and stay for support the entire weekend. How’s that for a deal! So the grief is gone and I’m on my way to a purple suit with sequins!

Follow me on my journey for the next 12 months. I told Adam if he tells me exactly what I need to do, I will do it. I could use your encouragement too.

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