It’s The (Not So) Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

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Today was a completely yucky day weather-wise and The (poor) Kid came down with the stomach flu. It figures. Two weeks off from school and the day she is set to go back, it happened. I didn’t wish for her to be sick, but it was nice to stay in all warm and snuggly with her while the nasty rainy weather went on outside. I had to multitask a bit to email all of her teachers to get missed assignments and do a little work of my own.

I definitely wasn’t going to leave her to head off to the gym so I did some rearranging and got creative with my workout. You can still get a great workout right in your own living room with little or no equipment. It takes some imagination but I actually enjoy some of the workouts I do at home even more than the gym ones. There’s no waiting for equipment, no sweaty puddle from someone else to clean up, no driving back and forth. No excuses to not do it really.


Don’t forget to warm up first and I recommend some light stretching to cool down afterwards. Make sure to push yourself but know your limits and rest when you need to.

You don’t have to wait for illness to strike. Give this workout a try on those days when you just don’t feel like going to the gym. Here’s hoping you and your family stay well.

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