Sometime You Have To Put It In Reverse

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Surprise BoxI came home today and there was a surprise waiting on my doorstep. I love surprises especially good surprises. Here’s a sneak preview picture to give you a hint, but I’ll tell you the details tomorrow. Until then I’ll keep you in suspense. Get ready… šŸ˜‰

Have you tried going in reverse? Doing the opposite? The body and mind are very much creatures of habit. Yes, even you guys that like change. Not all parts of you may be on the spontaneous bandwagon. Iā€˜ve been working hard on my May workouts the past couple weeks and changed a few things up.

I do a lot of the same types of movements, even if I rearrange the order a bit. I do a ton of walking lunges. I can lunge all over the place and my balance is impeccable if I do say so myself. Even with a heavy barbell on my back, I can still do a pretty good job remaining steady. I got to add in some creativity this month.

Reverse walking lunges. Yep, same movement but I step backwards instead of forwards with each step. Sounds simple enough until you actually try it. Believe it or not your brain/muscle connection actually gets into the habit of performing a movement and it becomes easier over time. Youā€™ll hear it called muscle memory sometimes. People even practice a movement over and over in some circumstances so that it becomes ingrained in their brain.

When you change things like doing the same exercise but going in reverse, it challenges you in a whole new way. Your body has to work harder to keep its balance and it uses different muscles in the process.Ā More of the smaller, stabilizer muscles get pulled into the exercise which helpsĀ to keep theĀ progress going.Ā I had to drop the weight significantly just to keep from crashing over and I was sore in places I havenā€™t been in a long time.

You can also try something similar with single sided exercises. If you always start with the right hand, change to the left or vice versa. Mix it up to keep your brain and body guessing and it could be just the thing that you need.

Have you tried any exercises in reverse?

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