Structure And Hard Work Ends In New Found Knowledge And Great Quads

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Darren_Before_AfterWhen Darren first contacted me about my online training and nutrition program, I was excited for the opportunity to work with an experienced male lifter. His wife was a long term client of mine and he had seen the stellar results that she had, and he was interested in taking his training to the next level. I have to say, many of us would be jealous seeing Chelsie’s transformation.

Darren was active in sports like softball and had been lifting for a couple years, but he wanted to learn more about eating for his goals as well as to begin a more structured lifting program. Since he had a strong lifting background, Darren had a decent muscle base to start with and was comfortable in the gym. His main focus was to lean out slightly to bring out muscle definition and to balance out his physique by building up his shoulders a bit.

To best fit his busy schedule, I put together a 3 day split in the gym and included a couple short interval sessions for cardio during weeks when he didn’t have softball games. We incorporated weak point training with his shoulders as a focus to balance out his physique and work on that highly desired v-taper. Darren had a few favorite exercises like t-bar rows so I made sure to include those in his program.

It’s important to include exercises that you are comfortable with and enjoy doing to keep things fun, but also ensure that you have a balanced program that hits all muscle groups equally. Having outside help with this is a great way to ensure that you don’t just focus on mirror muscles or your favorites or imbalances can results. It’s also nice to have that extra push in the gym for accountability and an impartial approach to your training.

Since Darren was familiar with eating healthy, he already had a great foundation there. I tweaked his nutrition a bit to give him what he needed to power through his workouts, lean out slightly, and build a bit of muscle. Darren tackled his nutrition like a pro. He asked a few questions along the way as he learned the process. He kept me up to date on his energy and hunger levels which really helped me fine tune his program into one that worked quite well for him.

Darren_QuadsDarren followed his nutrition program to the letter and the scale showed consistent drops week after week. In fact, he was so on target with his eating that I had to increase calories several times to prevent him from losing too quickly. All in all, he was down almost 16 lbs. After seeing his results in the mirror and watching the consistent strength gains in the gym, he decided to change focus to building muscle and we increased his calories to stop the weight loss.

He tackled his workouts week after week, and his strength increased at an amazing rate. After two months, I started calling him Mr. Onederland because his max lifts had increased so much that they were all over 200 lbs. Darren recently finished up an 18 week program with me and now has a strong knowledge of how to structure his workouts, to push himself so that he keeps progressing in the gym, and to eat for his physical and performance goals. His squat and deadlift maxes went up by over 40 lbs each during that time which is a major increase in strength for such a short timeframe.

Darren has a great sense of humor used it to push himself early morning workouts, and he kept me entertained weekly with his training notes and name calling. If you don’t hate your trainer from time to time, your workouts may not be challenging you enough. I joked with him that he was going to have to look into insuring his quads like J Lo insures her butt. Not a bad problem to have if you ask me. Read more about what Darren has to say in his own words.

If you’re looking to take your training and nutrition to the next level, find more structure in the gym, or build yourself a nice set of quads and shoulders, let me know how I can help at Assessments are always free, and I’d love to talk about what we can achieve together with an online training and nutrition program customized to you and your goals.

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